16 June 2011

Haath ki rekha karam se badlein - a song of some old movie

हाथ की रेखा करम से बदलें, तोड़ न प्यारे आश,
बंदें करम में कर विश्वास..................................

करम कीएजा, करम हें पूजा 
करम से न मुंह मोड़............

पग-पग हें प्रभु साथ तुम्हारें,
पग प्रभु के तू छोड़..............

उनसे न कुछ छीप पाया हें,
पल-पल हें वोह पास, बंदें करम में कर विश्वास......

अर्जुन को उपदेश दिया, कहा क्रिष्ण ने 
यह अर्जुन से, करम से न मुंह मोड़........................

करम मोक्ष हें, करम हें मुकती
करम से नाता जोड़, बंदें मोह माया को छोड़, 
बंदें करम से न मुंह मोड़.............................

अर्जुन को उपदेश दिया, ग्यान की ज्योती जलाई,
जब-जब भटका रह से कोई, प्रभु ने राह दिखाई...

प्रभु चरणों में बुझ जाती हें प्यारे मन की प्यास 
बंदें करम में कर विश्वास...............................

करम श्रेष्ठ हें, करम धरम हें,
करम में रख विश्वास.........

करम करे हो कल्याण उसका, 
होता नहीं विनाश, बंदें करम में कर विश्वास...

सुख निंद्रा में मत सो बंदें, 
सुख निंद्रा से जाग

करम हे भक्ति, करम हे शक्ति, बंदें आलश को दे त्याग 
देख सफलता छिपी करम में,बंदें करम में कर विश्वास...

Finally I found the audio for this song. As its recorded on phone, quality is not so great but still you can hear it. So here is the song

01 June 2011

And I laughed...

I had been working as a Research Fellow at M S University of Baroda and I used to live in Hansa Mehta Hall. My hostel campus was just opposite to famaous Kamatibaug.

So I decieded to go there for jogging. So one day my friend Neha and I went there. It was our first day there. We passed by a group of old aged people. I saw they were doing something different or unusal, but I didnt bother much and moved ahead.

Second day I saw the same group of old men and women. Today they were acting like a butterfly and were running from here and there. Again I chuckled and moved ahead.

On following days I found out that, it was a Laughing Club. Wow! a laughing club! I had heard about the laughing therapy, but I had not seen something like this before! So I was a bit curious.

So after jogging, we decided to sit on a bench, from where we can see this group. So some days passed and they also saw us sitting there everyday.

One day a tall old man came to us and introduced himself as a owner of that club. He asked us if we would like to join their club. We immeidately accepted the invitation and it was free too.

So from the next day, after jogging instead of sitting on the bench, we joined some 20 people, most of all aged between 55 and 80. We were youngest in the group. They all welcomed us with open hearts.

We started with some light excercises and then they taught us different ways to laugh from stomach so that we take more oxygen through laughing.

1) Keep your feet apart, bend your body down, and take a deep breath. Slowly move upwards by stretching
your arms in the air and just laugh out loud
2) Then run like a butterfly anywhere in the garden
3) Then do some latkas-zatkas
4) Interesting thing was, all aunties were dancing like dolls and it was really fun to watch their thumkas!
5) In the end they used to drink Special imagineray Lassi! And how to drink it? Keep your feet apart, hold
the glass of lassi in one hand and drink with trrrrrrrrrr  sound
6) The session used to end with a joke and they used to bring written jokes. But after I joined, it was my responsibility to tell them a joke. We started to laugh like anything. We were completely mad. And these guys were really enjoying themselves very much. Even some other girls also joined us after hearing our story.

But one day what happened! I was laughing like a mad by streaching my arms in the air and suddenly I saw somebody.  It was my head of the department, who was just walking around with his wife. He saw me and was looked totally puzzled. I guess he was trying to figure out what was I doing actually, but he couldn't. I was doing ha ha ha without laughing as laughter stopped coming out after seeing him there suddenly.

But the moment he went away, I lauged like mad. Even today when I remind his puzzled face, it brings laughter on my face.


"If sleep is an unconcious meditation, Meditaion is a concious sleep".

Last December, I attended a 10 days residential course in Dholka village. The course is widely known as Vipassana Meditaion Technique.

Now you must be wondering, why Mediation? and what does vipassana for?

I am sure that all of you must have felt angry, happy, sad and even frustrated at sometimes. Have you ever noticed, that how your body reacts to such emotions? God has given 5 senses, which are smart enough to release some kind of sensations when we face such emotions. We feel pain, itching, gudgud, nervousness and many more.

These sensations are not permanent, and they passes away after a while. But they arise again for some different reasons. So this process is going on and on until we die.

The problem here is, if some good happens we want it more and try to hold it. we crave for it. In contrary if some bad happens, we dont want it and the aversion starts. Poeple say don't be agnry. So sometimes we hold or suppress our emotions for long, and the day come when we break all the limits.

Another problem is all these things accumulate into our subconcious without our knowledge, and so we have piles of conditionings. You know we carry them even to our next rebirths. So our sim card does not switch off easily and the cycle of birth goes on and on. Like Kabir has explained in its Doha

Maya mari na Man mara, Mar mar gaye shareer,
Asha - Trishna na mari, kahe gaye sant kabeer

so we carry our asha-trishna to next rebirths. Vipassana means to see the things as they really are, and without reacting at them, without categorizing them. So neither they are good nor bad, neither right nor wrong. So in mediation we just watch our pure breath coming in and passing out. This is called Anapana technique.

Then we watch our sensations passing over certain body parts and gradually we observe them throughout whole body from top to bottom and bottom up and just getting aware of what is going on.

So here we just observe and do not more experience the sensations to react at them. It helps to get rid of even old conditionings. These techniques had been used by old rishimunis to get moksha and escape the cycle of rebirth. Means this is what real mediation is for.