31 December 2012

My body, My responsibility...

So much protest is going around for a Delhi girl and media is busy arranging debates and a lot of unqualified politicians having no experience of walking on the roads are discussing safety,  protection and laws for women. When your prime minister needs written speeches to address even current issues, what kind of help and actions you expect from him

Our Society wants govt to protect a woman, Govt wants society to respect a woman. Woman wants Society and Govt to respect and protect her.

Come-on girls don't expect others to protect or respect you. You are not weaker than Man, after all man has come out of you. The word "Shakti" itself is feminine and you know how strong and superior she is.

If somebody stares at you in public, don't just look down or expect somebody to come forward for you. Look into his eyes with confidence and show your anger. You know how to wash and cut vegetables, don't you? You can walk with high heels and You are the same who never gets tired of shopping, who doesn't mind leaving parent's home after marriage, who sacrifices her career to take care of her family. No man in the world has strength to do all these. 

Understand "My body, My responsibility". So first take your own responsibility. Don't expect Govt or fellow travelers to protect you while standing in the bus with 60-70 passengers. Never feel shy to tell a man what exactly he deed or where exactly he was looking. You too have two hands so slap him if required. Our first dharma or duty is to defend ourselves, so do that with confidence. "God helps those who help themselves" is not just a nice line to read. What govt or society think is not our problem. Before changing them first let's change our own attitude towards ourselves and let our strength come out. It's there within us...

24 November 2012

Expect the Unexpected

Last Wednesday on a new year I was standing in a queue at the next door Grand cinemas to buy tickets for the movie "Son of Sardar". I was a bit excited as it is a comedy movie and after watching "Bol Bachchan" my excitement was obvious for Devgan's movie. I generally book them online but their server seemed down that day and so I couldn't. So soon we came to know that tickets are not available. So I had to postpone my plans and had to bought same tickets for Saturday instead.

Thursday night I came to know that my elder brother has got into bike accident and broke down his right thumb and right knee with fractures. They were supposed to come Ahmadabad for operation, so we didn't go there and waited for them to come here. But then they changed mind and shifted place of treatment after some people recommended a near by place(though it is almost 115 kms far from here). Saturday was scheduled for his thumb's operation.

No wonders, on Saturday I was standing again in the queue, but this time to return or better I say sell my tickets(anyway this was the first time I sold movie tickets) and though it felt weird, I did sell them in few minutes. For few seconds I became jealous of the guys who went into the cinemas after they bought my tickets:(

My mom had warned me not to come on my scooter keeping my driving skills in mind and also she didn't want to hear about another accident very soon. I said "as you wish" and wore my helmet, though other consider it as a scooter it's my aircraft and so I took it off to the hospital there by road. Sorry is so easy nowadays to convince mom specially when reached safely.

My brother got operated and I wished my brother happy vacations for next 20-30 days and came back the other day. But this time our 4 yrs old monster(my niece) wanted to ride and come along desperately. So now everyday we've new adventures.

Of course she is my cutie pie and well mannered princess who likes lots of means really lots of stories, but sometimes I found myself doing everything to find I did nothing. She would repeat her dialog one after the other like my Car.., pencil.., cell.., paper..., pen..., 1-2 no-no 3-4 biscuits..., my bag.., not pink but blue..., ok yellow...ok it's last and its white..., No frocks but jeans and only sleeveless t-shirts. We like  business persons do most thing in deals:). Finally Pogo and Cartoon Network came to my rescue as she likes those channels and can do anything in return to watch her favorite shows.

I have promised to take her to watch "Life of Pi" on Saturday. She's already watched the trailer and started repeating tiger and ocean like things. I wouldn't have written this post, but again today morning when I went to the movie website to book tickets online, this is what they showed me after proceeding for the show :(

06 November 2012

Time changes every second, but doesn't get changed...

Time! Grammatically time reveals the information about the past, present and future, to help us understand  "when" some particular instance or an event is occurred. Time is something which affects every being and almost everything. Its hard to separate.

Often I heard people saying "time will come...", "time never remains same...", "time will teach you...", "time is a great teacher...", "time changes everything...", "with time people change(ed)...", "with time I learned this and that...", "I'll show you when my time comes", "wait and watch", "every dog has its day..." or "my time will never come..:(" or its my bad time or good time...." So often we use time as a key factor to show/describe hope, motivation, emotions, goals, power etc.

So in general time describes different things at different places. But as we see in all these there is one thing which is common..."Time!", and it behaves constant as it's in its "nature". The very basic thing which it works on, is to "move on" no matter what's going on around. For the things which run by nature, has to behave natural, and as the time is a natural thing, there is no start and no end, and the goal is to keep and preserve its own nature. It always remains in "Now" and if it doesn't, it wouldn't be time anymore. Like the very basic property of Water is to cool and of Fire is to heat. So even a small drop of water would try its best to cool down, and a small spark of fire will try its best to heat up  before it dies. So I feel Time never changes, it just keeps moving on and on, and its we who measure it, sadly to find ourselves changed.

The very best part of the natural things and so of the time, is that it witnesses everything but experiences nothing. So keep and preserve your nature. So as they say be yourself, and take a ride:)

17 October 2012

Festive contributions

In India second half of each year is packed with a dozen of festivals. Specially after Rakshabandhan. Meaning or reason of enjoying these festivals also changes with age. I mean the true spirit of any festivals was in the childhood, were we waited for festivals to arrive so that we can color anybody on  Holi, can throw crackers and rockets on neighbor's house in Diwali and can fly kites on Uttarayan as high as possible. With times dictionary meanings of festival replaced with holidays and at most having different kinds of food(my favorite).

Nowadays synonyms of festival is entertainment. Collecting money to celebrate such festivals in a group or society is a very common practice. We too contributed for them each year. Till date it was like "contribution is an individual choice where one can contribute any amount he/she would like to".

But this here something different happened as we shifted a house to new place. Before Janmashtami 2 persons came to our home and asked for the contribution for this festival. Before I take out my wallet, here they showed me the receipt book which says Rs. 500/- is the amount everyone must contribute.

When I asked "who made such rule?". They replied "our society members".
I just asked them,
"How can you force us to contribute? and how can you print the fixed amount on this receipt book"?
It more sounds like "we owe you money" than Contribution.
"Do God ask for such contribution"

"Do you know or What if I don't have Rs. 500/-.?"
"How can a small group of members decide a amount which affects everybody?"

Poor fellows, got a bit scared of so many questions and one of them agreed too that asking fixed contribution for festivals is not a good idea.

Finally I said "If you have not asked for the fixed amount, we might have given you more than Rs 500/-. But now we can give you Rs 200/- at most, and not more than that. If you are going to help somebody I'll contribute Rs 1000/-, but we don't want to spend on society's Entertainment to make it look like a big event."

Though he admitted that its not a right thing to ask for the fixed contribution, he didn't take 200/- as he didn't have receipt book for 200. So I too let him go without money. We usually give some thousands when we visit Old age home or when we send injured birds to animal care center. Contribution is always good when we make it for a good cause.

See Navratri and so Garba fever have been started and yet nobody appeared for the contribution :).
My Mom scolded us when she heard the story. My sisters say that "we must pay them this time", as they find now it awkward to join any functions :). Also because Navratri is something can only be enjoyed in a large groups. In fact now they are looking for a person who collects contribution :).  

But I wouldn't really be able to help them due to my "not if you ask attitude" and would not contribute for the fixed amount. I am enjoying listening to non-stop Garba songs and might visit some place as well. Also as I am fasting this Navratri, I need to save my energy for 9 days.

09 October 2012

29 September 2012

My week off to Lonavala...

Last year all my four siblings had survived some kind of major accidents in a sequence where one was hit by a car, one had an sever electric shock, one had drove his car over a road divider, and other had a sever eye injury at his workplace. But I was still left, and I was thinking about what could happen to me, and one morning I found that my computer is not waking up and needed format. Though I didn't face any physical accident, probably because I am always home :) and don't go out often, this was also a kind of sever accident for me. So working from home might have saved me from physical harm.

But working from home has a disadvantage too that soon your family members get bored of you, because you are always home and then they want you out of the home, at least for sometimes. So they recently forced me to go out and visit some far places. So I planned a week at Lonavala which is one of the best hill stations in India. It also has many Yoga and Ayurveda retreat centers as well where I can spend time alone peacefully and so my family at home without me.

I left on Saturday evening by sleeper coach Bus to Lonavala and reached the center on Sunday morning. Before they began our course, we were asked to consult with their doctors, so that they can plan treatment accordingly if one suffers any health problems. Whenever I consult with any doctors, they all realize one thing in common, that I don't exercise and a lazy person. So my treatment started after labeling me be as "lethargic". Also Doctor looked suspiciously at me when I insisted to join Advanced yoga classes, because I am lazy he was planning to send me for basic yoga classes. But I said "I know it, it just that I don't do it in practice:)". So he approved with doubts in mind.

From next morning my scheduled got started which included yoga practice twice a day, Ayurveda therapies, pranayam and used to end with a lecture in the night. I found that many foreigners come just to learn about yoga and other therapies. I met a girl from US and two girls from Japan. This might be the reason that nowadays most retreat centers offer prices in either USD or EURO. 

Though I had interactions with many on the first day, for almost 2 days most people were silent. Being a girl its hard to remain silent but finally I found one dentist girl to chat with. Most of the times every individual remained busy for treatments but we could share laughs at the dining tables.

On Thursday I had a treatment which needed that I don't eat heavy(read tasty) and take only light boring food. I didn't eat breakfast, lunch and managed with light dinner. Friday morning I went for the breakfast hoping to eat something tasty. I just had one spoon of Upma and the supervisor appeared and told, you shouldn't eat this now and offered me just plain rice flakes :(. At last in the dinner they allowed some vegetables and dal. So it was not a surprise that I lost 1.75 kg during the stay. I guess weight is the only thing in the world people don't mind and look forward to lose. 

I couldn't visit any places outside of the center in Lonavala as the treatment schedule was tight. But on Friday I managed to visit a near by famous temple called "Narayani Dham". I reached the temple and went to a shop to buy things which I can offer to Goddess like Chunri and coconut etc. Unfortunately shopkeeper was not there and so security person gave those things without taking money in advance and told me to go first to the temple and payback later. I offered it to the Goddess and went to the shop to pay the bills. The shopkeeper calculated all for 180. I opened my purse to pay, and found that I forgot to bring my wallet and have no cash at hand. If he was there before I went to the temple, I could have not bought the things, but here I have actually offered them to the Goddess. I told him to keep my camera while I go back to the center to bring the wallet. He laughed and said "not to worry about it and there is also no need to keep camera as security". Later I went back with money and payed him with many thanks. It really feels good when even strangers show such trust.

Finally Saturday night the course was ended and I learnt many different yoga exercises and pranayam practices to meditate. The most important practice their Principal taught was "How to close eyes completely" specially for meditation. I struggled with eyes in the past during Vipassana practice. But really his technique was quite easy and powerful such that if one follows it regularly, one can find himself with fewer thoughts with closed eyes and even while meditating.

Sunday morning I reached Pune by local train and then flew to Ahmedabad. It was my first journey by air so I obviously asked for the window seat. Somehow got the seat by wing side with two windows. The only thing I liked, when the plane ran with high speed to take off. Clouds was exciting for 5 minutes and after a long time I saw a clear sky. After that it became boring when I couldn't feel the speed inside the plane, and there was nothing to see except could. At least in train I saw lots of hills and other good sights. Thank god that journey lasted for an hour only, but yes it landed me fast back to Ahmedabad, so it was the other good thing.

22 July 2012

When we kill the God

Everybody is looking for God and keeps running from one temple to another in search of him. We all have some problems to be discussed with him. we all have our questions need to be answered. But nobody seems succeeded in finding him.

So I am just thinking of where does he live. Well, scriptures say that he is in the heart. But. then why do we fail in catching him and searching him somewhere else? I don’t know. Recently I have watched some of the episodes of “Satyamev jayate” and other programs of social works as well.

What I have learn is, we have been given with five most senses to use. There is one extra too called as “sixth sense”. Why we have been given those senses: to see, to hear, to touch, to taste, to smell. Isn’t it?

How do we use them? 

we see our future, we hear our fame , we touch our families and relative, we taste the costly food, we smell our enemies.

Can these be the only purposes of these organs which help us to sense?

Why can’t we see God in Water. We don’t offer a glass of water to thirsty and then we empty the bottle in the sink to store new fresh water. Water has the capability of keeping somebody alive.

Why cant we hear and react to the scream of God, when somebody is crying on the road for help. Hearing truths and taking action on them can give us a good society we have been looking for.

Why cant we touch and feel the fire, in which God is burning around us. The world is melting and we are at rest in our homes. We are cutting trees and killing him from everywhere.

Why cant we taste the hungriness, and then try to feed the hungry God who is just dying without food even though our refrigerators are fulled enough.

Why cant we smell the God who just lives around as nature, and keep him healthy with fresh air. Why we are in so much hurry that even hiked petrol prices failed to stop us. Where we are heading? I have been told that person goes to hell or to heaven after he/she dies. So why we are creating a new hell for ourselves on earth?

Please don’t go after the God who is invisible to you. There are so many living and visible gods. Just develop your senses to recognize him and share him. And he will surely answer you.

21 July 2012

7 habits of lazy people....

No, I am not here to describe lazy people... Just that I came across one quote a week ago" If breathing didn't come naturally, lazy people wouldn't even exist"

Is it so?Who would answer that? well, who is better than me to answer as I find I am the most laziest person I have ever met. So immediately I feel connected with this quote. In yoga classes we used to do breathing exercise, breath in and breath out. It never made me relaxed. In fact I felt breathing as the hardest workout. I just escaped from there. But if the quote need to be believed, I would definitely have died well before.

Mostly lazy people prefer calling somebody over phone rather than texting a long message. SMS language is their first add-on while they are forced to write. I use SMS language whenever I get the scope. Though I had stopped  using it at work when one of the great testers I follow mailed me to say "You are one among very few testers who are active and want to think beyond the obvious. However, your usage of SMS language while you are writing might not make people think of you as a credible tester".... My God and I know how I control while writing :)

I am attending drawing classes on Saturdays and my teacher gave me to draw one tree with lots of leaves. Not to check my drawing skills but to check my patience. Last week I drew an outline of an elephant. I was close but elephant's feet touched the edges of the paper.So he rubbed the whole outline himself saying "you will not have the heart to rub it off, so let me do it". I then drew it again. Means artists should not be lazy but who says that a lazy can't draw(well I have a couple of drawings to prove that, check out the pics but of-course if you are not lazy like me). Let me tell you lazy are in fact more creative as they keep finding new ways to escape the loop.
Many people have told me that I can become a good writer. I said oh! plz! if I don't like to read... how can I make others read? But see you are reading it...:) Last year when I was attending communication classes, we had been asked to write no. of times and teachers there used to say that I write well. But that's not the point I want to make out. Even if I like writing or say can write, I don't prefer intentional writing which needs thinking. Instead I wait for thoughts to come in a fashion and get written themselves. No mind exercises you see:)

You might be thinking of the title of this post. Well,I was telling everybody that I'll write a book with the title "7 habits of lazy people" (plz read its lazy and not "highly effective" it just that I twisted the ready-made title). If still you are thinking about what are those 7 habits of lazy people, than let me tell you I am stuck at the first habit and couldn't go beyond that as feeling lazy you know. And better you go somewhere else and read something meaningful rather than learning lazy habits here. Shame on you ;)

18 July 2012

One more bird at the door ...

dont know if I owe something to birds. Tonight I found one more pigeon at the door when came back home. After struggling for 30-40 mins I succeeded in bringing him inside. Though he flies, it seems that he has got some problem with eyes but not sure. For now he is safe under the basket. Will check tomorrow morning what can be done. So catch u tomorrow "Babu Moshai". I just wish Alpha n Beta could meet him.

ps: Finally  "Babu Moshai" has been sent to the near by center for animal care. They said that its a pus and he can be cured. so I am bit relaxed now. Hope to meet him on weekends

12 May 2012

Happy Mother's Day

As a tradition the day would again fall this year on this Sunday, which we all formally refer as a "Mother's Day'! Every year I surprise my Mom with some home made snacks or chocolates if I am home, Else I make sure to call her at midnight to wish and make her smile. When my grandma was alive, we used to have a double blast and more fun. My grandma was very fond of food specially she liked spicy and sweet dishes.

Once on the mother's day, I prepared 6-7 
pieces of onion bhajia very quickly & silently and presented it to my grandma at midnight. I was well prepared that she might scold me as I woke up her so late in the night, and she used to say that all these b'day and other popular days celebrations are of no use.

I woke her up and explained her that "Ba its a mother's day and for you I have made onion bhajia. Would you plz have it?" 
To my surprise she quickly took the plate from my hand, and asked "Is it so?", then she started eating it. She seemed enjoying it very much. You know in my family I am the only one who had slapped her grandmother and she didn't mind it too. We were sleeping on the terrace and my grandma's bed was close to mine. I was busy fighting and slapped somebody in the dream. But in real, I hit her on face. I was still asleep but I came to know when my grandma gave me the slap back. Instantly I changed my side and disappeared to be on safe side. No doubt that she published the news next morning, but I was safe :). We all loved her so much that even today she lives around.

Look at this new mother 
- a pigeon, who has set her home here. As usual I named her first as "Curie". She is very protective about her two little kids "Alpha" n "Beta".
So now we have 3 guests. For Beta(left)- its her b'day today, where as alpha(right) is a day older. Can't wait seeing them fly. Their mother watches my every movement whenever I am in the balcony. But still she is friendly and gives me poses when I shoot her. She is so caring that she reminds me of my mom and my grandma. Anyway I would have at least one mama here on this mother's day. 
So love you mama...and a very happpppy mother's day..........

19 January 2012

B'day Gifts...

January is a birthday month for Capricorns and having my birthday this month I naturally have expected some gifts. I was having an intuition that some change is there on the cards but not sure of what would it be.

On Friday, afternoon I just got up to get myself a tea. I went to backyard to bring something. So while coming back in the haste, I realized some little thing was hiding behind the box. I took the box off just to find one pigeon there. My b'day gift arrived a bit early:)

He realized my presence immediately and stepped backward. I then tried to find if he was hurt. He looked okay but was a bit shy and didn't want to move at all from the corner and was constantly trying to hide behind the box.

I extended my hand for friendship and was trying to help him. But he was not in the mood. I called the school girl who lives the next door. We both then sat in front of him and offered him some food and water which he rejected. Later I found he was walking unsteadily and couldn't fly high.

I named him Shamshersinh aka Sheru, he even tried to bite me when I was forcing him to move. After so much effort we both could manage to bring him inside home and put him under the basket so that he can be saved from stray cats. Only then I could manage to drink my much deserved tea.
In the evening my sister started making my b'day plans. At last she convinced me to go out somewhere on the day. I agreed on going out just bcoz I thought that it would be some nearby place. I called my another sister to invite her and told her about the plan. She forgot that it was my b'day and started making her plans for the day. She demanded to go to Shirdi to visit Saibaba.

I told her that its too late to go 500 kms away and we won't get tickets. Plus Sheru was also there in the house who can't be left alone. But they both instead of giving me gifts, started asking for gift. At last I dont have choice than to agree.

Saturday, in the morning we arranged tickets somehow. I tried to make Sheru fly but he was not feeling so yet. So I called bird helpline and they took him to Ahmadabad :( so that he can be treated.

In the evening we left for the next 12 hrs journey by road. But it was smooth ride as it was a luxurious sleeper coach. After having a meal, I headed to my seat and just lied down. Said goodnight to moon and fell asleep.

It was Nasik when bus halted on the Sunday morning. I woke up and just wished myself a happy B'day. Its really good when your b'day falls on sunday/holiday. I had my morning tea and then we left for Shirdi.

After reaching Shirdi we booked one room in a nearby hotel and freshened up. We left for the temple. After finding the right gate we stood up in the long queue. It was the first time I visited Shirdi. When I thought that we just reached the actual temple and waiting is over, we have been further taken to another building and I saw a lot of people standing in a  very very long queue. I instantly realized that its not over yet. Thankfully we had had our breakfast.

I prayed Saibaba "plz dont make me waiting at least on my b'day" but he didn't seem hearing as I was far far away from the temple. Finally after waiting for almost 3-4 hours in the queue, we reached the actual place and managed to get Saibaba's blessing. Suddenly all the tiredness gone and my anger turned into happiness. Might be the effect of the holy place which radiates so much positive energy all around. It was nice to be there on the special day.

I just hope that saibaba would somehow manage to forgive all, for all the hits and pushes and breaking queue.