22 July 2012

When we kill the God

Everybody is looking for God and keeps running from one temple to another in search of him. We all have some problems to be discussed with him. we all have our questions need to be answered. But nobody seems succeeded in finding him.

So I am just thinking of where does he live. Well, scriptures say that he is in the heart. But. then why do we fail in catching him and searching him somewhere else? I don’t know. Recently I have watched some of the episodes of “Satyamev jayate” and other programs of social works as well.

What I have learn is, we have been given with five most senses to use. There is one extra too called as “sixth sense”. Why we have been given those senses: to see, to hear, to touch, to taste, to smell. Isn’t it?

How do we use them? 

we see our future, we hear our fame , we touch our families and relative, we taste the costly food, we smell our enemies.

Can these be the only purposes of these organs which help us to sense?

Why can’t we see God in Water. We don’t offer a glass of water to thirsty and then we empty the bottle in the sink to store new fresh water. Water has the capability of keeping somebody alive.

Why cant we hear and react to the scream of God, when somebody is crying on the road for help. Hearing truths and taking action on them can give us a good society we have been looking for.

Why cant we touch and feel the fire, in which God is burning around us. The world is melting and we are at rest in our homes. We are cutting trees and killing him from everywhere.

Why cant we taste the hungriness, and then try to feed the hungry God who is just dying without food even though our refrigerators are fulled enough.

Why cant we smell the God who just lives around as nature, and keep him healthy with fresh air. Why we are in so much hurry that even hiked petrol prices failed to stop us. Where we are heading? I have been told that person goes to hell or to heaven after he/she dies. So why we are creating a new hell for ourselves on earth?

Please don’t go after the God who is invisible to you. There are so many living and visible gods. Just develop your senses to recognize him and share him. And he will surely answer you.

21 July 2012

7 habits of lazy people....

No, I am not here to describe lazy people... Just that I came across one quote a week ago" If breathing didn't come naturally, lazy people wouldn't even exist"

Is it so?Who would answer that? well, who is better than me to answer as I find I am the most laziest person I have ever met. So immediately I feel connected with this quote. In yoga classes we used to do breathing exercise, breath in and breath out. It never made me relaxed. In fact I felt breathing as the hardest workout. I just escaped from there. But if the quote need to be believed, I would definitely have died well before.

Mostly lazy people prefer calling somebody over phone rather than texting a long message. SMS language is their first add-on while they are forced to write. I use SMS language whenever I get the scope. Though I had stopped  using it at work when one of the great testers I follow mailed me to say "You are one among very few testers who are active and want to think beyond the obvious. However, your usage of SMS language while you are writing might not make people think of you as a credible tester".... My God and I know how I control while writing :)

I am attending drawing classes on Saturdays and my teacher gave me to draw one tree with lots of leaves. Not to check my drawing skills but to check my patience. Last week I drew an outline of an elephant. I was close but elephant's feet touched the edges of the paper.So he rubbed the whole outline himself saying "you will not have the heart to rub it off, so let me do it". I then drew it again. Means artists should not be lazy but who says that a lazy can't draw(well I have a couple of drawings to prove that, check out the pics but of-course if you are not lazy like me). Let me tell you lazy are in fact more creative as they keep finding new ways to escape the loop.
Many people have told me that I can become a good writer. I said oh! plz! if I don't like to read... how can I make others read? But see you are reading it...:) Last year when I was attending communication classes, we had been asked to write no. of times and teachers there used to say that I write well. But that's not the point I want to make out. Even if I like writing or say can write, I don't prefer intentional writing which needs thinking. Instead I wait for thoughts to come in a fashion and get written themselves. No mind exercises you see:)

You might be thinking of the title of this post. Well,I was telling everybody that I'll write a book with the title "7 habits of lazy people" (plz read its lazy and not "highly effective" it just that I twisted the ready-made title). If still you are thinking about what are those 7 habits of lazy people, than let me tell you I am stuck at the first habit and couldn't go beyond that as feeling lazy you know. And better you go somewhere else and read something meaningful rather than learning lazy habits here. Shame on you ;)

18 July 2012

One more bird at the door ...

dont know if I owe something to birds. Tonight I found one more pigeon at the door when came back home. After struggling for 30-40 mins I succeeded in bringing him inside. Though he flies, it seems that he has got some problem with eyes but not sure. For now he is safe under the basket. Will check tomorrow morning what can be done. So catch u tomorrow "Babu Moshai". I just wish Alpha n Beta could meet him.

ps: Finally  "Babu Moshai" has been sent to the near by center for animal care. They said that its a pus and he can be cured. so I am bit relaxed now. Hope to meet him on weekends