23 December 2016


1) Do not wait for the next year to arrive to do and achieve what you can get done this very year
2) Praise people and be happy for what they are good at, but that does not mean you have to show off the same thing. Do not compare Strengths.
3) To be helpful is an opportunity, but don’t share when you help.
4) Do not click pictures while helping or offering something to somebody, see you don’t click while taking the one.
5) Happiness is not a state of mind, but is a style, sometimes it is knowing which pain would be worth
6) Trust physics, trust Energy
7) You are not God, so Test software, do not Test people.
8) Seek journey, not a destination
9) Keep an open mind, but don’t allow trespassers
10) Take notes from History but know that Present can be different and so would be the Future
11) Believe everything, trust nothing.
12) Embrace nothingness

19 November 2016

रूक ना तू, बस चलता जा

रूक ना तू, बस चलता जा
उठा कदम और बढता जा ।।

काहे खुद से भागे, जा बेफिक्र आगे
ना सोना तु पिछे, वहाँ तो सुरज भी जागे ।।

हो खुद पर यकीन, तब सब मुमकिन
छोड़ कदमों की जमीन, देख दुनिया रंगीन ।।

चाहे करे सब सौ अर्ज़ी, जी ले अपनी मर्ज़ी
ना कर गिनती, गुज़र जायेगी ज़िंदगी फ़र्ज़ी ।।

ढूंढेगा जो बाहर, हाथ आएगा अँधेरा
दिल जांखले अपना, फिर हर और सबेरा ।।

15 November 2016

Start Running...

Running starts with a reason,
but don’t stop with a season…
Some runs to burn, and some just for fun,
beast does not care if it’s dusk or dawn…
Measure loss in calories and profit in cookies,
see in every race you take, you gonna find familiar faces...
Roads look friendly, and trails sound godly,
but to reach there alive, you have to train daily...

14 October 2016

The one who called...

The one who called world as one,
might have read religions just for fun...

The one who called us all human,
might haven’t met people with power and guns...

The one who called just love is enough,
might haven’t cared to listen to enough...

The one who called always for peace,
might have easily got her fair cake piece...

19 August 2016

Save a girl child really?

A lot of messages are pouring out praising the girl-power after girls going ahead in winning the medals at olympics. There would be a tag attached savegirls, and all feeling proud of her on winning our first medal at Rio
Most of the times(and not all the times though), the context is coming out as "save girls, because one day they will make you proud, because one day they will win you a medal hopefully, because one day they would care for you when your sons might ditch you on the road. Parents of girls are feeling proud of having a girl child and educating her.
Isn't all going wrong somewhere? Why not save a girl, because she is a child too and have a right to live like everyone else does. She might not win a medal or might fail to make you proud like any other son, but still she deserves to live the world. Shouldn't parents feel proud of their all kids irrespective of genders. One might win, the other might fail at times. All kids deserve to be loved.
If we go deeper why not save a child irrespective of genders, because in the end it's a child only. Categorising her shows she is different from the other one.
We all are beings and that should unite us. Save each being because it deserve to be. Yes campaigns and tags are needed sometimes for educating and awareness, but the root cause remains unaddressed. We would then end up having campaigns from SaveGirls to EducateGirls to NoDowry to LetHerLive and so on...

19 July 2016

छोटी सी चिड़िया

इक  छोटी सी  चिड़िया  बाग़  में  उड़ा  करती  थी,
कभी  इधर तो कभी उधर, बस  युहीं  टहला करती थी

थके  न  कभी  उसके  पंख, हवा में  लहराया करती थी,
कितना  ऊपर,  कितना  नीचे,  कभी  न  परवाह  करती थी

बिना  डरे  किसी  से,  जोर-जोर  फूलों  संग  हँसा  करती थी,
पेड़-पोधे  सब  उसके  दोस्त,  भवरो  से  भी बातें करती थी

इतनी  प्यारी, वो  इतनी  प्यारी,  नदियाँ  भी  उसकी  राह  तकती थी,
गोल गोल घूम, पानी में  जाने  कितने  गीत  गाया करती थी

समज  न  आये  जिसकी  भाषा, उस  सहर  भी  वो  उड़  जाती थी,
उड़ने  की  होगी आदत  उसको, या फिर, कुछ  तो  वो  ढूँढा  करती थी 

10 July 2016


you live...not by going away from death...but going towards the meeting points...where you can sneak peek the death. We generally like seeing beautiful pics on our screens, we stares them for few seconds and continue doing our chores. But when you see yourself surrounded by the things you have hardly dreamt of, and then seeing everything all coming alive trying to talk to you and whisper something...here you still have to keep walking... if not, you will be left alone in the place where you always wanted to be left alone, but still you fear of lagging behind for no reasons. You keep reminding yourself that it's okay to be a slow walker, take a deep breath, okay take as many as you want, keep relaxing in between and then give a go. You see your friends on the top... you see your friends down the hill and you are somewhere in between, life feels good and then somebody shouts aloud... keep walking. Trekking....where you don't bath for days, eat whatever is available, camp on the top of the mountain but still you find yourself in the deep valley, sleep inside the bags, drink from the streams, and most importantly start with strangers who in next few minutes would become your good friends 

19 June 2016

To my dad...

If it's a Mother who Teaches kids “what to do”… it's a Father who Shows “how to do it”…
This one is for you bapu...

Thanks for starting again from a scratch… for now I don’t fear failures…
Thanks for having and bringing your friends home regardless of their communities and religions, for I now know what really matters…
Thanks for paying us by making us do little labours work…for now I respect all kind of works…
Thanks for not caring what others think… for now I have my own thinking bubbles…
Thanks for helping those who never returned… for now I know what is humanity…
Thanks for not following the rules… for now I believe and follow my intuitions…
Thanks for letting me go apart… for now I recognise those roaming with masks…
Thanks for never appearing tired… for now I know what doing with love means…
Thanks for never restricting me… for now I fly and enjoy each adventure…
Thanks for going crazy at times… for now I know when it’s not tolerable…
Thanks for showing me how to do… for now I can survive without you…
and lastly…
Thanks for running all your businesses after my name… for now I know among us all, I was ur favourite kid...

04 March 2016

Turning the page

Well, right now I am a bit struggling in choosing what to write about and/or where to start from! I mean a lot is going inside the head and I am confused like never before. Whether to write about the mess itself, or about what created the mess, or all the failed attempts in trying to clean the mess. See! I'm just having a feeling that its not at all what I came here to write about, but now doing it. As they say "it's difficult to see the picture when you are in the frame", but may be at the end of this post I would get a better view on myself or at-least might feel better after spilling all out.

2014, the year where I decided to get out of my comfort zone, and to move to other state for better understanding of the subjects by working closely with other testing brains. I quit the freelancing project and then finished my BBST foundations course. During this I gave one telephonic interview and failed it. I had not even applied elsewhere as I didn't want to choose a job where I don't know about the working culture of the company. More than a company I was interested in working with smart people.

Soon after BBST, I went to Hometown to get implant removed from my left knee, as I wanted to get rid of the constant knee pain before I move to other city. For some reasons things got delayed and knee got operated after two months. So though I was having fun being around with family, the gap between jobs was getting wider. But I am very patient when it comes to selecting the job of my choice. Anyways I got implants removed but knee was still making me bothered with that little pain sensations, so after a month I underwent an arthroscopy followed by a month of physiotherapy.

By the time I got on my feet again, the calendar was changed to 2015. Almost it's been 6-7 months I was not into the job. I had turned down to job applications which had specified CMMI and test documentations in their job roles. I really wonder how quickly people join company and leave as soon as they get better package or an opportunity. I don't say its wrong but guess I have commitment issues, if I know I am going to leave this company tomorrow, I would rather not join it in the first place. A few HRs called me just to say me that I don't have a banking domain knowledge which they are looking for, few wanted me to have the knowledge of languages I have not even mentioned in my resume. Few funny ones told me that working as a freelancer does not seem as a full time job and I lack a team handling experience.

The process of applying for a job had started to irritate me. It almost felt like I was begging for a job. A few times I had thought of moving to Bangalore even without having a job, even I was so much close in doing my bookings, but I didn't have anybody to look after my dog "Bansi". Him being hyperactive makes my family scared of him and though he is a loving dog, his love does not attract many :).  Also my family didn't want me to move to other place so they denied taking his responsibility. A fact got clearer, that I could not move to other state leaving Bansi behind. It was hard for me to take him along as my bank account had now only the minimum balance to run it.

So I left thinking about job and moving and went with the flow, something I do each time I get confused. Meanwhile my younger brother got engaged and decided to marry. I had never met that girl in person before,  and did chat few times over the phone. Marriage date had been fixed and all that I remember was telling her not to waste her parent's money on silly things and suggested her to buy not so costly/shiny clothes which might be more comfy for her. My mother had told them that we don't want dowry and all that any learned woman would say and do.

Unfortunately things went so wrong from the moment they got married that the divorce is the only choice. So the home which was decorated to celebrate the new entry was all in shocks and revelations which were coming out. For their future we thought to get over the present, and suggested even to girl's parents that there is no hope in this relationship and let them go apart. Result is, my whole family including me has been blamed for domestic violence and dowry demands, and have been asked to pay an hefty amount if wish to get out of this drama. It's this time that I learned how many fake cases get registered each year in the name of domestic violence and dowry demands. Fortunately we have a lot of people believing us but this incidence did leave a hard impression on mind. I have now developed trust issues. I mean how come people lie so easily and throw stones at the very same people who once told them to take care? Anyways its a different battle and a long ride to get out of.

I lived with my brother for a month or two at his place as didn't want him to suffer alone. It's when sitting there free and alone for hours, I thought to start some business of my own. I always wanted to do something with food or anything which makes people's lives healthier. Aim still wasn't to earn money. Here I decided to leave, or better say dropped the thoughts of Testing as a career. Yes, it was not that easy, not to think of something one did for years. But seemed better to move on seeing the situations I was in.

I guess it was July when the idea of delivering Organic lunch hit the mind. I wasn't a good cook, nor I had that much resources to start it in a big way. After a few months of doing research and finding a reliable supplier, I started organic cooking in home. I learned cooking different dishes and finally the taste got developed. I started loving cooking and felt I can do this. I started giving packed lunch to my sister and her friend. So I started purchasing, cooking, packing and delivering for two people for 5 days a week till this February 2016. Yes I purchased a domain, developed a wordpress site and all.

One major point I found myself stuck at was marketing. I was never comfortable around people specially whom I have not interacted before. I avoid taking help not out of ego, but out of reserved nature. I am not sure but I never felt doing marketing the lunch product. I might believed that the product should speak for itself and it would catch the word of mouth. But as it's organic, it had a high cost price, which obviously made the selling price high. Plus people doe not find any meaning in eating organic only once a day, as they are gonna eat dinner which would be non-organic. And if healthy is not cheaper, cheaper seems more healthy :)

But yes marketing do makes sense and is needed. People who knew about my business were my sister and her few friends. Even my neighbours did not know if such thing was going on, so I don't had to look far to locate why it's not working. As simple as it sound I couldn't do it. I tried to get out of comfort zone, but it was feeling heavy to speak about and sell what I loved preparing. So everything was ready, except how to market. So one day I accepted that I can't hold the tea without having the cup. I knew that quitting here means coming back to the square one where I have started. But being aware of ones limitations and still dragging things which might lead nowhere, does not make sense either.

Meanwhile this journey I learned few things though, of course about the people and what they think. Everybody eats, Everybody wants to eat healthy, Everybody wants to get served better. But still cooking is not a white color job. It's not something family feels proud of. It's not something one should do after having so much degrees. Of course I didn't believe such crap, but as people in movies say while breaking up, IT'S Me...

Right now I am just a runner who finds chasing roads more interesting than ever before. Believe me I am not sad, I can't afford to be. My life goal is just to be happy, and have a crazy smile when my time would be up. What I might be looking for is the thing having less drama, more truth, and a bit of sense of humour. Is it a big thing to ask for?