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In family:
Third child of my parents and considered as most luckiest for the family. Dad used to start all his business ventures after my name but poor me never got royalties. But anyways I could make my other siblings jealous of me.

School days:
I used to do drama to get leaves from schools for no reasons and unlike other students I did not go to Head Master or class teacher whenever I needed leaves. I had rather gone to Principal(who was also my dad's friend) directly and he always got convinced by my acting skills for different aches.
I was just an average student in my school days. Till 10th std I scored above 60%. I had been very clear in my mind that I would pick up science stream only even when I didn't know what Science is all about, but I always used to raise my hand whenever teachers asked "how many of you have planned for science?"

I got into science but my worries started here. I was very irregular in school and  there we used to have monthly tests. Each time I used to get failed in three subjects, Maths, English for sure and one Science subject. To my bad luck our principal used to gift our test results each month.

When I was in 11th he used to call me and had requested me to change my stream from Science to Commerce. At one stage I had a strong thought to leave studies completely. I had requested my parents too, but somehow they had faith that I will get something good for myself. But after getting into 12th he told me that I will not get pass and I should change my stream to Arts :)

I just told him "see, sir I am not at all going to change my stream and I am very well prepared for my results whatever it would be". Luckily I cleared 12th on the first attempt as I concentrated "how much is enough to get passing marks."

College days:
On the first day of college one of our lecturers told us please don't be upset if you couldn't make it to medicine/engineering. I whispered "sir, I am very glad to be here :)".
Anyways I took my studies seriously & started performing well and so after spending just one month in the college, one of our respected professors came to me and told me how much percentage I got in my school. He was shocked hearing that I got only passing marks in 12th and told me what were the reasons to score such low marks.

I could just smile at that moment and patted myself on not believing my Principal's comments. I did complete graduation in Physics.

Post Graduation:

It was real fun doing Masters in Physics. After all people started calling us with new name "Circuits". I completed M.Sc Physics with Electronics as a specialization.
After finishing M.Sc my school Principal called me for one formal interview where he just needed  my presence to show some official records of the candidates.

You know what, I actually went there and  had a tea in his cabin. Seeing my PG mark-sheets he told me that you and your siblings all were good in studies and you never given a chance to complain.[I guess he forgot his frequent calls to my dad :) ]

Junior Research Fellow:

I got this title for one research project at department of  Physics at one leading university. But it was in the Theoretical Physics. Actually I had planned to go for some applied physics areas. But after one year I left all plans and quit research field forever.
Within this one year I had attempted for Defence Services in Air Force which was the part of my childhood dreams. But my silly mistakes in written tests kicked me out of the list and couldn't make it there. After that they started taking written exams for English skills which I undoubtedly failed.I really hate English from those days.

Getting idle:
I went into depression not really but left everything when I couldn't make it to the Air Force. Neither I wanted to join Teaching field nor Research field so there was no other scopes I could look around. It took me around 2 years to get out of the idle state.

Getting active again:
My sister insisted that I should join something and though I was not at all interested in studying further I joined PGDCA and cleared in with Ex grade.

I started career as a Non-voice BPO Executive in one IT company in 2007. Luckily within 3 months on the job I had been transferred to Testing department as a part of Internal transfer. 

Nothing for granted:
So busy in the work I could not visit my parents frequently. But was still happy doing great at work. One Sunday morning when I had not even woke up from the bed, I got a call from home just to hear that my dad is no more in this world. This changed my life and I don't think I can ever be the same person I used to be once. Dad had been a strong man in all ups and downs and he always taught us to walk along with life so there is no other alternative.

After loosing Dad in 2008 I could hardly work for one year in the same company and so I left it in 2009 and had started working as a Software Test Consultant

atesterbeing at gmail dot com


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